I can’t stress to you how bad I’ve been craving yellow lingerie. I was so excited when I saw this piece by The Kinky Kini Company. I grabbed this, more lingerie, and a sexy swimsuit. Some goodies also came with my purchase as well. We love goodies over here. Make you sure you stop by The Kinky Kini Company for some sexy lingerie and even sexier swimwear.

Honey 3 Piece (Size L)

I loved this piece the minute I saw it. It’s for sure a noticeable piece in my closet. The yellow is eye catching and it’s comfortable as fuck. In this three piece set you have a bra, underwear, and garters. I paired this set with some new stockings from another one of my favorite brands. I’m not a fan of stockings at all, but I’m a huge fan of garters. I can always walk around in garters and no thigh highs, buuuuttt let’s be honest. Thigh highs add to the sex appeal and give the garters their purpose. So we wear the thigh highs. My thigh highs are by Sofsy. You can find their store on Amazon and a few other places.

Now about this lingerie. I got a size large and its a comfortable fit. Every single piece in this set is adjustable, including the underwear. There are two straps that you can adjust to sit comfortably on your hips. The bra has underwire right under the breasts to enhance your natural shape. The rest of bra is stretchy with adjustable straps of course. The garter belt is the piece that did it for me. I don’t have many garters with extra material on them. I don’t think I have any garters like this. It’s a fun one to have in your lingerie drawer or closet. These garters are definitely fashion garters. Fashion garters, as I like to call them, look GREAT on but don’t really hold up your stockings.

Garters that are actually about that business have three straps. The clips that you attach to the stockings are usually metal. They are built for the purpose of holding up stockings opposed to look. Doesn’t mean there aren’t cute ones out there! The garter in the Honey set is definitely something you’ll want to throw on to lounge about in or take some cute photos in. It held up my stockings pretty well until I really started moving around. Then they started to fall down along with the garter. I believe if you adjust it properly the first time you’ll get some solid wear out of it. I love how comfortable and stretchy this set is. It makes you feel good about yourself and who doesn’t want that.

Whenever I take photos I try my hardest to not let my pussy see daylight. This set is SEE THROUGH. When you take pics you’ll be able to see pretty much everything. Not pictured here, but your ass will also look amazing. I love shopping with this brand, and checkout has never been easier. There are also plenty of resources for those that want to educate themselves on the business of Sex Work. đź’›Don’t forget to use my code KKCLUCAS10 when you shopđź’›

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read my review! I appreciate all who take the time out of their day to stop by my blog. I popped the long nails back on so this was a hard jawn to write low key. I’ve found a joy for press on nails because I can instantly switch up my look. I think I found the secret to switching them up a lot and not fucking up my nails. Plopping on clear polish before I glue down the falsie. Now, I found the tip on google and I’m testing it out. So don’t quote me on that one just yet.

I’ve been working on my fetish clips and personal goals. The niche fetishes are what’s doing it for me right now. Nose Blowing. Burping. I’m most likely going to record a burping clip in this very piece of lingerie.

Once again, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time đź’›

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