Let’s Talk Sex Work

I’ve been a proud Sex Worker since 2017. I remember my first day on the job too! Had a financial submissive send $50 through a gift card. Ever since then I’ve been educating myself and evolving in my craft. In my sector of Sex Work I specialize in fetish play and creating fetish content. Some of my favorite fetishes are: Financial Domination, Giantess Role-Play, Smoking, Humiliation & Degradation, and Spit. The proper title for me would be: Financial Dominatrix & Fetish Clip Artist.

I first started out with just twitter. Then I went on to seek clip sites and sites that center around Financial Domination. As of now I currently have 5 online sites where I sell and manage my content. I didn’t sign up for all of them at once. I gradually signed up with these sites. I did my research on them. That’s one part about the gig, that most people don’t think about. You’re going to spend A TON of time digging around and doing research. Research on sites, kinks/fetishes, laws, information on paying taxes, and more. This is a job that no one knows how to do off rip. Most of the Women I know have done extensive hours of research on their craft. Hours of research that will compile as you go along.

I say all this because I felt the need to make a post opening up and giving some SW tips. UNDERSTAND THIS: most of the work I do is online. I am not a FSSW (Full Service Sex Worker) so there are some things I can’t speak on. I can only speak on my experience and give some resources. I do not use my real name. I am a Black Woman. I am a Lesbian.

This post is for those who have asked me how to get started. For those who are thinking about dipping their toe into SW. For those who are just curious about the work. I hope you enjoy this one, I really do. If you’re a fellow SW and you follow my blog, REACH OUT! I love connecting and networking with other people in the business. Simply because I value community, and in SW you will need community.

This work can be dangerous. I can’t stress this to people enough. Clients can be verbally, physically, and mentally abusive. We try to stay away from these individuals by screening them. Asking them to provide references from someone else they have played with/met up with. If a client doesn’t want to provide proof of identification for in person sessions? RED FLAG. If they start trying to haggle your price? RED FLAG. If they start trying to talk you into something that’s a hard limit? RED FLAG.

SAFETY IS IMPORTANT. Most folks I know use a stage name. Sign up for a VPN. A VPN hides your IP address and gives you another layer of security on the web. Turn off locations for content. This can easily be done in your phone/camera settings. Some adult sites will allow you to hide your content from specific areas. Areas as in specific states and countries. If you’re meeting up with clients, let someone else know what’s going on. Share your location with a FRIEND.

BE SMART ABOUT THE MONEY. Be smart about your money from how you get it to how you spend it. Most payment apps are not sex worker friendly. All of these payment apps that have come out in the last few years aren’t sex worker friendly. They aren’t. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them, you just need to be smart. I can’t sit up here and say that these apps don’t get used, cause they do. You’ll learn to fly under the radar though. Perhaps sending out invoices for clients to pay. Telling them not to put anything in the notes section. It can be figured out. What you don’t want figured out is that you’re a Sex Worker using these apps by the cooperations themselves. Punishments for being a bad bitch are usually: deactivation of your account or freezing it with no hope of thaw in site. These apps will hold stacks of your cash and not give a fuck. BE SMART.

Content gets stolen.Watermark everything. In the day and age of screen shots and screen recording it’s easy for content to get stolen. There are SEVERAL sites that are absolutely nothing but stolen content. Some people think that sharing and distributing the stolen content of Sex Workers is okay. They are also the same ones who for some odd reason believe porn should be free. There are even some assholes who will have the upmost audacity as to steal YOUR content and then sell it on their own pages. There are ways you can combat this such as issuing a DMCA Takedown.

There will be judgment and there will be those that look at you differently. It is what it is and it comes with the territory. I learned that these people are projecting and honestly don’t know any better. They don’t know you, they don’t know what you do, they just go along with what the general media has told them.

What are your boundaries? Don’t think you have to do what the next person is doing. Find out what you’re comfortable with, AND STAND FIRM IN THAT. No money is worth making you uncomfortable. Respectful clients will respect your limits. If you’re still figuring things out that’s fine. It is completely fine to update that limits section at any time.

Admin Work. You’re going to spend quite some time building up content. Sorting through several photos and videos. Hours of editing and promoting. Staying up to date with social media. Running and making sure your personal sites are up to date. Office work. Behind the scenes stuff. It can be fun at times, but most of the time I have to hype myself up when it comes to editing clips. I’ve learned that playing some classical music in the background soothes the entire process.

You will have to pay those taxes. You are now self-employed miss mamas, you will have to pay taxes. I’m sure you’re looking at this like, well how bitch? Keep track of all income, expenses, receipts, anything you use for your business. This is a business so it should be treated as such. The person doing your taxes doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of your work. You can put down “entertainer” or something along those lines for occupation. Let’s say you sign up with a site for adult content. A place to sell clips, customs, and the like. They WILL take a cut from your sales. This is for their own tax purposes. You can try to evade taxes in this business. I WOULDN’T RECOMMEND IT.

BE YOURSELF. Find your niche and monetize that shit. Have a particular fetish you’re into? GET INTO IT. Be creative, and put your own spin on it. This is the job of selling fantasies and experiences. What makes you different from the rest? Don’t compare yourself to anyone else and focus on your own business. Worry about your own bag.

Whorephobia is alive and well in Sex Work. Whorephobia is the belief that Women who take off their clothes, get naked, and engage in sexual acts are less than those that don’t. Whorephobia makes no sense in this line of work. No sense at all. We are all harlots, whores, and hoes under this umbrella of Sex Work. No sector is better than the other.

FOSTA-SESTA. Sites that were used by some for safety were shut down. SEVERAL media apps changed their terms and conditions surrounding adult content. A very popular site that produces adult content had an app, but was removed from the Apple store due to this very reason. Another popular site had to delete all of “unverified” content to stay in business with specific credit card companies. 9/10 that unverified content was stolen. (Of course that’s a win, but folks had been complaining about stolen and unconsensual work on there for YEARS.)


This is the section where I’m going to list a few pieces for education! These are either sources that have helped me or some that I have found interesting.

126 Killer Onlyfans Tips by JIonde, Elexus.

Angry Black Girl by Jionde, Elexus

Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination


Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work

Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight For Sex Workers’ Rights

Sex Worker Helpfuls

*Good Ole Google

Classes and workshops centering around sexuality, sex work, and kink are great too! I highly recommend taking one of these when it comes up. It can also help to get a mentor in your field. A person who you could show you some basics and be around for advice.

*When it comes to Google there is a PLETHORA of information you can find. Information on panty selling, clip sites, escorting, sugaring, safety measures for SW, sites that SW’s are using, etc. THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK.

*This post is pretty gendered, but Sex Workers can be any gender. Clients can be any gender.

I wanted to get this post out because so many folks have asked me things about Sex Work here and there. Things pertaining to me personally or Sex Work overall. This is only a small look into a huge world. Every individual in this line of work is different. We all come from different walks of life. We’re all human.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Thank you for stopping by and reading my work. It’s always appreciated. I’ve been filming like crazy and working on some projects. Got sick Monday night from some seafood and I’m still recovering. Before all that I was working out and pole dancing last week. Now I’m cradling water and eating bland foods. Oh yeah, I saw Escape Room 2 last week. Indiya Moore was my favorite part of the entire movie and that’s on period. They were AC-TING!

My latest lingerie shipment should be coming in this Friday, and another on Monday. Will for sure be writing about everything in my packages. 😤

Thank you once again for reading and I’ll see yah next time. 💕

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