Crossed Sinner Set

I posted this on my instagram and folks LOVED it. I love that so many people loved it and were asking so many questions! This review was going to come the last Wednesday of the month, but I let the people of IG vote, and the vote was to move it up! So here we go.

Crossed Sinner Set (Size Medium)

This piece is apart of the Crossed Collection from KinkyKiniCo. At a medium, I still have plenty of room to stretch this piece out if I wanted to. The spandex gives you some shape while allowing you to move comfortably with the fabric. I don’t normally buy pieces like this because of the top. I’m a 36C, but my breasts aren’t full all around. My breasts fit, but I have to do some adjusting here and there if I don’t want my nipples to completely pop out. It’s not that big of a deal, but I bet a small top would have fit better.

The bottoms are a perfect fit. When it’s a perfect fit of course it’s going to make you feel sexy. Would I say that this set makes me feel sexy? Fuck yeah. This simple black piece is TOO comfortable and would look great on any body type. I find myself reaching for this piece when I’m doing my skin care. When I just need a quick reminder that I’m a bad bitch.

This is something you could also wear to the beach. Comfortable. Sexy. Versatile. Dress it up, dress it down. I could see myself wearing this outside. That’s how comfortable it is, that’s how great I feel in it, that’s how much I love it. I’m sure if you got this right now, you would love it too.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read this weeks lingerie review! I really love this set, and the feedback that it got was amazing. Make sure you’re following my Instagram. I’ll be posting more creative content over there in the upcoming weeks. BambooGang

Use code KKCLUCAS10 when you checkout with KinkyKiniCo. Check out that H2O Collection too. You can never have too many bullet vibrators. Mini vibes for on the go. Plus! These will cum with batteries (AAA) when you order.

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