Candy Hearts

Hello Hello! This review is coming late in the evening. Did plenty of running around today, but I wore this set yesterday and really wanted to talk about it.

Candy Hearts Lace Bralette

Candy Hearts Lace G-String

I purchased both in the color black and both are a size medium. It’s been a minute since I’ve put on something this pretty and worn in just for myself out and about. You don’t EVER need a reason to drape your body in fine garments. Whether they can be seen or it’s a sexy little secret underneath. Wear that shit. My candy hearts set and the VIP box came a tad late due to the snow being in the way and halting shipments here and there. The VIP box for February came before this order, that’s how insane everything was.

Now that it’s in my possession, let’s get into the review. First things first, I LOVE the charm in the back of the bralette and G-String. Mostly the G-string because it sits at the top of your ass cheeks. I personally prefer thongs and G-Strings to bikini cut underwear. That’s just my personal preference. So you put me in anything that’s basically butt floss and I’m going to be comfortable. Honestly the whole set is comfortable though. Also I would like to note that my boobs did not pop out once like they do with some bralettes.

Once I adjusted the straps to fit a little better, the bralette fit like a glove. It’s a simple set that you can pack up and take with you on the go. Extremely sexy and you’re bound to look damn good in it. I took my clothes off to take some photos for the blog as I normally do (ass was out in most of em) and my girlfriend was quite happy with what she was seeing. That’s a plus, but you gotta wear what you wanna wear for you.

That was a the main movement behind putting this lingerie set on today. Wearing what I wanted to for me and treating my body to something glorious. Didn’t plan on reviewing it, but it just felt so good that I couldn’t not share with ya’ll. I’ve been feeling a little weird about my body, but I’m working through it. Because all you can do is work through it. You can’t just stop and expect everything to go back to what it was if things have changed and my body is definitely changing. And that’s okay. May not feel okay right now, but it’s okay and I’m going to be okay.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read! It’s been difficult to get posts and content out but I’ve been working on a few things this past week. Currently in bed with ice on my knee because I was hitting the pole like a mad woman. Love all of my pole injuries and bruises though. I never practice pole in an unsafe way so don’t be alarmed when you hear me talk about bruises or injuries. I make sure to stretch beforehand with a cool down after and it’s VERY common to walk away from pole with a bruise or two. I plan on sharing some pole content on my IG just to talk about my journey, network with others who practice, and motivation those who want to get into the practice. I love pole dancing and it has been my saving grace these past few days.

I’m rambling at this point. Anywaaayy. Thank you for reading. Expect a lingerie post tomorrow. One coming during the week. AND fetish post coming 3/19.

Stay safe and blessed up!

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