This Wednesday I’m bringing you a new place to shop AND a lingerie review. I’ve already added them to my list of lingerie sites so don’t forget to check that out!

The Exhibitionist Set (Size L)


So first and foremost I must say that I am a happy BRAND AMBASSADOR for KinkyKiniCo. When I first logged onto the website, there was a cute little spin wheel. Told me to “Try my luck”. I didn’t think much of it because most sites have something like this and you often times win a discount. I didn’t win a discount, I won a powerpoint with easily accessible information to help Sex Workers. I hollered. I was so excited and surprised to win something like that, I instantly had to know more about this website that I was on. Turns out the owner is a Black Sex Worker herself. Not only is she selling lingerie, she is providing resources for fellow Sex Workers.

There is a vlog that you can find on Youtube. There is also a blog that is ran on the website. Articles are easily found on the right side of the page as you scroll down. There is so much to see and checkout on this site. If you’re new to the game of Sex Work there are PLENTY of tips that could help you out. Even if you’ve been in the game for a minute, it never hurts to brush up on a few things here and there.


Lately I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to lingerie. I have my colors and styles that I like to stick to. I feel that it has put me in a rut and made my lingerie closet a little boring. That one brightly colored bodysuit that I got has truly made me want MORE. Bright colors look amazing on melanin. After browsing around the site for a while I thought that The Exhibitionist Set would be the perfect first purchase I made from KinkyKiniCo. Now I will say when you order with them, sit down, and focus on what you’re doing because there’s a specific way for you to input all of your information. I fucked up quite a few times, and then finally got my order to go through. The owner of the site is also very hands on and helpful if you are experiencing any difficulties

I placed my order right before all of that snow happened so I patiently waited for my package to arrive. Once it DID arrive, it came with some goodies! A vibrator and a lovely handwritten note. CUTE! Super cute because the vibrator already came with a battery inside and that’s the energy ALL these sites need to have. Send it charged up! Send it with batteries! The packaging? Reusable so you can put whatever you want in there after it’s all said and done. Once I opened up the lingerie and laid it out I was enamored with how beautiful it was. It was just as bright as it was on the website.

Now. I try it on.

First thing to note is that the bra and garter belt do not have hook and eye closures. The bra can only be adjusted through the straps. The garter belt also can only be adjusted through the straps. So how do you get yourself in? I’ll show you! Pictured bellow are both the bra (left) and the garter belt (right).

The panties are also adjustable! I chose to wear them over my garters because that’s how you’re supposed to wear them and it is more practical. Honestly when I’m taking content I chug water. So I might just need to hit the bathroom once or twice. I really don’t wear my panties/garters like this, BUT a bitch might start. I was also digging the way it looked. I had to fight with the bra to make it work, but I got there. I would suggest ordering a size up from what you’re used to. Yes, it is adjustable but I couldn’t help but wonder if a bigger size would have felt and fit better.

The mesh coverings leaves you completely exposed. That adds more sex appeal to it along with it being extremely bright. It was definitely hard to get some angles where my entire vagina wasn’t exposed. I opted to go for pasties when I was taking photos for content. (Those pasties, along with a sexy piece of lingerie, can be found here.) I also went for some bright ass hair because it felt right for the mood. Overall what I really love about this set is the way it looks on my skin. This is definitely something I’ll be wearing on a little hotel rendezvous.

When I FIRST put it on. It is very revealing hence the heart edits. Wear lingerie whenever you feel the need. I had just got done cleaning my apartment and doing some laundry. Took a hot ass shower, then got in my new lingerie to do my skincare.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! It means so much to me when folks slide by and spend some time on my blog. I’ve been hit with some ugly depression low key so I’ve been working through that. Physically working through it. Yoga, pole dancing, working out. Moving and reminding myself that my body is strong and can learn so many things is helpful. It’s been hard, but I’ve been feeling a little better.

I’m extremely happy to be a brand ambassador for KinkyKiniCo though. I was beyond excited when I won that powerpoint up off the wheel you have no idea. Resources for Sex Workers are out there and they are most likely being brought to you by other Sex Workers. That’s the shit I love. I am truly inspired by her work and everything that she is doing. I HAD to sign up. So know that you can use my code: KKCLUCAS10 whenever you checkout.

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