Get To Know Me

So I started this blog last July (WOW, could have sworn I started this bitch in November) with just a thought and some lingerie hanging in my closet. I’ve always been into lingerie. Now I have the freedom and time to fully explore this interest. This post is going to be personal. I invite you to get to know me! 😊 So enjoy these fun facts on the lingerie lover behind the blog.

  1. I prefer to be called Lucas. I use She/Her pronouns.
  2. I don’t drink. Anymore. I plan on making THIS a post in itself. I am now 5 months sober of alcohol and I’m enjoying the fuck out of it.
  3. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I hate them bitches. First of all, depression is annoying as fuck and anxiety is her little sidekick that be hyping her up. Ion like dat.
  4. I’m a Pescatarian. I don’t eat any meat besides fish. It’s the eel sushi that I can’t let go of. I tell everyone that eel tastes like chicken. I implore you try it at least once in your life if you haven’t.
  5. I LOVE horror movies. Specifically Korean Horror movies. If I’m having a bad day? I’ll just put on a horror movie. It feels calming to get lost in a good dark film.
  6. I’m 420 friendly. Now I only smoke hemp blunts and glass though.
  7. My favorite anime is Air Gear. Now I’m not that fond of heights but something about skates giving me the ability to fly resonates with me.
  8. I LOVE music and it’s always been my dream to have a record player. I now have one and I’m slowly building my vinyl collection.
  9. I am a Sex Worker. My area of expertise is in: FinDom, FemDom, & Fetish Clip Content. I plan on making a post about all of this sometime soon as well.
  10. I’m an introvert. Alone time for me is a MUST. I love everyone in my life and appreciate them so much, and sometimes I need me time for quite some time.
  11. I started pole dancing in 2019. I finally said fuck it and took a class October of that year. It was something that I had been wanting to do for the LONGEST and I finally pushed my anxieties to the side and just took the class. A couple classes later and I now have a pole in my apartment to practice on.
  12. During a pretty bad depressive episode I downloaded Sims 4 and now I’m hooked on the shit. I played some as teen, BUT NOW?! I use mods and this game is fucking lit. Drugs, sugaring, plastic surgery, fetish play. Chile my sims are living it up. I will be making an updated post on mods I’m using and gameplay soon.

*The featured image for this post was taken around the last few weeks of Jan. 2020. I remember being ridiculously happy in that moment. I loved the lingerie I was in. The skin I was in. I loved everything in that moment. Shout out to edibles from Vegas.*

You know when you just need to write to get a few things off your chest? I think that’s what this post was for me. Right now my chest feels very tight. Every time I breathe I feel this soreness in my chest. Could be a muscle issue, could be anxiety. Most likely anxiety. Today in particular was all over the place.

I’m currently looking at six packages that need to be looked over and put on the docket for review. I also have a few reviews that are backed up. I’m just being completely honest. Pandemic. Snow storms. Bitch we taking it all one day at a time, and if we gotta scrap it all and start over so be it. I’m not getting rid of this blog I’m just saying shit hard right now. Shit is wild. I love heat but I can only imagine what the fucking summer is going to be like this year.

If you took the time to read this along with my ramblings at the end, I love you. I appreciate you. May you find $20 in your pocket. Thank you for taking the time to read. Thank you for being you. Stay safe, stay warm. 💞

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