I am a 28 year old Black Woman residing in Philly.

The first time I started a blog, I shared a brief story about my battle with mental health. I didn’t expect my story to get the attention that it did. I mostly write for myself, but I do enjoy when my writing helps or inspires someone. Here you will find: lingerie reviews, anime/manga recommendations, personal entries, book recommendations, feel good entries and more. I’m an advocate for people living their lives and doing whatever they please. If it makes you happy, and isn’t hurting anyone, go for it. My goal is to educate and uplift.

I’m quite active on Twitter. That’s where I let folks vote for the Fetish Of The Month. I also enjoy posting small lingerie reels to IG. I love pole dancing, rainy days, watching horror movies, the art of BDSM, sushi, and hanging out with my cat Nezuko. I’m really just happy to be here.

What am I currently reading?

Invincible. The HUGE omnibus jawns. I’m working my way through 1-3.

Contact Info: itsthegartersforme@gmail.com